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For detailed information about joining our
fine family of advertisers with
Blue Ridge Properties

Please contact

Blue Ridge Publishing

Robin Heizer-Farris

Fax or Message 540.463.9781

E-Mail Robin


Blue Ridge Publishing accepts advertising from Realtors,

Realty Agents, Building, Construction and Renovation Contractors,

Mortgage Companies and Financial Firms and

Related Businesses.

Space sizes available range from quarter page,

half page and full page sizes.

Discounted rates are available for qualified recurring Advertisers.

Please contact us with your inquiries or to make a reservation in Blue Ridge Properties.



Subscriber Information


 To receive our publication on a monthly basis, please send

self-addressed (S/A) 10x12 inch envelope(s) along with payment to cover

postage only of $3.00 per month. You will receive an issue

of Blue Ridge Properties the first week of each month you desire.


(For example, to receive 6 months of issues, would require

6 S/A envelopes and a fee of $18.00.)

Please mail in your request with publication months desired, payment by check or money order and correct number of S/A envelopes.

 If you have questions, please email us at Robin link above or call number above.


Thank you for your interest! We look forward to hearing from you!

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